Episode InfoEdit

Episode #107 and 108 - Season 5, Episodes 17 and 18

First Aired: February 5 and February 12, 1987

Title: The title of a Charles Dickens novel


The Keatons are deciding whether or not to remodel the kitchen.  Alex is hoping to represent his bank, Harding Trust, at the Midwest Banking Seminar in Chicago (if his boss can stand to take him!)  After arriving, Alex's reservations are lost, and he is forced to share a room with Rebecca (played by Melinda Culea).  Rebecca is concerned about Alex's professionalism, but it turns out that Alex helps to save her job.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Mallory and Jennifer are trying to convince Elyse to remodel the kitchen (and to get Steven to go along with it).  They mimic the entire conversations that are about to happen.
  • When Elyse is trying to convince Steven about how to spend his raise, Andy is at the table with a really "ham-it-up" smile on his face.



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