Episode InfoEdit

Episode #129 and 130 - Season 6, Episodes 11 and 12

First Aired: November 29 and December 6, 1987


PART I - Uncle Rob's divorce is finalized.  He visits with the kids, Marilyn and Jonathan (played by Tammy Lauren and Blake Soper, respectively), who seem quite unhappy to be there.  Mallory's excited to find out Rob (played by Norman Parker) is working for the phone company.  Marilyn is upset that her father had an affair and is dating other women, and she stays out late with a guy she met at the mall.

PART II - Marilyn spends the night with her date, and everyone tries to help Rob deal with this.  Rob realizes he lost parental control. Rob and Steven talk about marriage, happiness, and children.


  • Rob and Maureen's separation is first brought to light in "Oh, Brother".
  • Andy and Jonathan are playing Chess (and, inexplicably, Andy's winning)

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