Episode InfoEdit

Episode #76 - Season 4, Episode 9

First Aired: December 5, 1985


An old college friend of Steven's, Richie Schofield (played by Robert Desiderio) comes to dinner.  Back at Berkeley in 1963, he and Elyse apparently were closer than Steven (who was away in Alaska) remembers.  Steven is quite upset that Elyse had never told him about this relationship (though he'd been the one that suggested that while he was away that they should see other people).  Steven and Elyse have an intense and nostalgic discussion as they figure out all that's happened.



  • Parts of this episode are used as a flashback in "The American Family".
  • Some of the things Steven and Richie did together:  saw Willie Mays playing with the San Francisco Giants, went to Bob Dylan concerts, and saw Lenny Bruce's nightclub act.
  • Though Alex did drink directly from the "famous" orange juice pitcher, later he instead drinks a glass of milk.
  • Daffy Duck gets three mentions in this episode.

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