Episode InfoEdit

Episode #89 - Season 4, Episode 22

First Aired: May 1, 1986


Elyse is designing a new building with Paul Kenter (played by Peter Scolari) and Ray (played by Matthew Faison).  Paul confesses to Ray that he's in love with Elyse.  Ray tries to discourage his feelings.  Then he confesses his feelings to Steven, who suggests he share his feelings with Elyse.  He doesn't, but Steven does.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Steven has trouble finding words when Paul tells him he's in love with Elyse.  He says, "I really don't know what to say.  I know 'Good Luck' is wrong."


  • Elyse is incredibly (and completely unlike her) flirtatious in this episode.
  • Alex watches a CNN replay of the President's press conference on the Star Wars Defense System.
  • Mallory expresses an interest in watching MTV (much more popular in 1986 than it is now).

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