Episode InfoEdit

Episode #23 - Season 2, Episode 1

First Aired: September 28, 1983

Title:  A play on the title of the book, "Tender is the NIght" (as Alex attempts to be knight-like and  chivalrous).


A childhood sweetheart of Alex's, Carrie Newman (played by Talia Balsam) is staying at the house, and she is unlike any girl he's met—or liked—before.  She asks Alex out (and he is resistant), so she goes on a date with a guy named Victor (who bears some resemblance to Mallory's later boyfriend Nick).  Victor (played by Chris Nash) has a parole officer, and Alex wants to "save" Carrie from the "societal dregs", so he determines to ask her out.  Alex plans a very safe date, that Carrie wants to make it very different.


  • Jennifer mentions the movie 'My Dinner with Andre" in reference to the situation with Carrie and her mom visiting.
  • Alex is heavily monogrammed in this episode:  On his sweater vest, his bathrobe, and even the towel he's wearing when chased out of the bathroom.