Episode InfoEdit

Episode #124 - Season 6, Episode 6

First Aired: October 25, 1987


Alex leads the rest of the family in the "Find the Colonel Crackle" cereal contest for $5,000.  Steven gets a reluctant Mallory a new job at WKS.


  • Steven wants to get Mallory to work at WKS citing the time that Alex worked there (in "Keaton and Son")
  • John Hancock reprises his role as Gus Thompson.
  • Andy mentions that a tree might cry if it saw "E.T."
  • While Steven and Mallory are talking on the couch, an OMNI magazine can be seen upside down on the coffee table.  It is the October 1981 issue.  (see images)
  • The WKS show discusses the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s

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